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Maras and Moray Horseback Riding Full Day Tour

This is a fascinating, full-day ride that consists of three important attractions: the Salineras salt mines, the small village of Maras, and the archeological site of Moray. We will discover these sites by using by following paths which connect us to the history of these lands from times long before the Incas.
Leaving our ranch located in the rural community of Pichingoto, we will ride up a steep path to the Salineras salt mines, where we will observe how the salt is collected by hand. Afterwards we will continue riding up to the quaint, colonial village of Maras, which boasts one of the first churches ever built in Latin America, the San Francisco de Asís Iglesia. Here we will stop to have our picnic lunch while admiring the breathtaking view across the valley to the snow-capped mountains of the Andes. After lunch we will ride the horses through the streets of Maras, where you can see the coats of arms from different Spanish colonial families carved into the stone doorways of homes. Once we leave Maras we will ride across the plains towards the archeological site of Moray, an impressive Incan agricultural experimentation and development center. We will stop to visit its impressive architecture and some of the native crops that are still being produced. Once we have explored Moray, the adventure ends here, with private transportation ready to pick you up and return to your hotel.